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Inge Sarosi Chinese Gaming Jewelry

24 June 2016 in Earrings, Estate Case, Gold, Ring, Rings, Vintage, Yellow Gold, Yellow Gold

Inge Sarosi Chinese Gaming Jewelry

These antique Chinese gaming are very unique.

Created by Inge Sarosi, these pieces are made of mother-of-pearl gambling counters that are exclusive, painstakingly handcrafted masterpieces of Chinese artwork. These pieces date back 200-250 years. In the day, the counters were credited with having the highest craftsmanship anywhere in the world. This made them very popular with British royalty and nobility.

Now, Inge Sarosi collects, designs and creates these one of a kind, stunning pieces.

At Herkner Jewelers, this matching set of earrings and ring just arrived in our estate case

The only place to find rare pieces like this Inge Sarosi in Grand Rapids is at Herkners